Magento CE – 1.7,,, 1.8,


Unzip and upload to the root of your website – it really is that easy!

The plugin will be activated by default. Simply clear your cache if you have it enabled, and the plugin will be fully integrated. If you receive a “not found” message in the admin system when going to the plugin, make sure you log out and log back in.

Where to find the module

You should have a new menu item in the admin system – “Error Manager”.

Magento 404 Overview

Magento 404 Manager - Single information


If you need to disable the plugin at any time, simply change active to false in /etc/modules/ErrorManager_All.xml


Remove the file /etc/modules/ErrorManager_All.xml and the folder /app/code/community/ErrorManager/.

Change Log

version 1 – Release