We all know that Magento is the daddy when it comes to ecommerce. Packed with features, and easy to use, it’s possibly the best platform for sellers looking to advertise their wares to an audience using Google to search for products.


Keeping track of products can be difficult though, and problems occur when pages get broken, since Magento doesn’t provide a way to keep track of people trying to buy things that 404. Magento 404 Management makes sure this never happens again, and you don’t miss out on sales (or searches!)

See a list of problem pages

Magento 404 Management provides the administrator/SEO with a full list of the URLs that have been crawled by major search engines such as Google and Bing that are already returning a 404 error.

Search for URLs

Search for URLs and find out which pages are causing a problem on a regular basis; get a better idea about what needs to be fixed and exactly where the errors are occurring.

Log 404s

By default Magento doesn’t log 404 errors, which means that with Magento 404 Management installed administrators can be one step ahead and fix broken pages before they’re reported in Google Webmaster Tools.